has been funded with non-patrimonial interests in order to support and promote institutions, activities and programs aiming to promote and implement lifestyle medicine, preventive medicine and health education based on scientific evidence, at population and individual levels in Europe as well as in other continents.


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Do you need expert advice? We can easily get you in touch with the right person at the right time. We are a part of an ever growing network of health professionals and institutions involved in preventive medicine.  We can help you create cooperative relationships with governmental and non-governmental entities. 

Our aim is to increase social awareness about the impact of chronic lifestyle diseases and the importance of and potential found in prevention. 

To achieve these goals we organize workshops, conferences, debates, symposiums, and courses.

Digital Marketing

We want to help you use technology to its full potential.  If creating, developing and maintaining a website seems too hard or time-consuming to you let us guide you through the first steps or take this burden fully off your shoulders. 

If you have heard about Google Ads Grant, but you don’t understand how to get the best out of it we are more than happy to help you apply for it and manage your campaigns. Understand how a marketing funnel works and make your strategy the most effective possible.

Want to learn more about digital marketing? Become an expert through our online materials!

Beyond all these, by creating and editing audio-visual media and written publications such as books, magazines, flyers, etc. we can provide useful tools for you to promote your project or institution. 

Community Events

Do you want to start something practical but don’t know exactly how to do it? Our passion is to care for people and promote healthy lifestyle principles, preventive medicine and health education by organizing community events such as:

  • health clubs
  • cooking classes
  • recovery programs 
  • educational activities for children and youth
  • training programs for volunteers

We encourage and provide experience and practical help in the foundation of new institutions and projects such as lifestyle centers; retail and en gross centers for dietetic and natural aliments, drugs and medical equipment as well as organic farming projects.



the Team


Szabolcs János Madaras

Team & Project Manager, IT Engineer, Digital Marketing Specialist and Web Designer – a joyful and dedicated person professionally coordinating all our activities.


Ágnes Klára Kóczián

As a Biochemical Engineer, passionate about lifestyle principles and health education, works in our team as a dedicated Content Developer.


Dávid-Róbert Kodori

Resident Physician in clinical laboratory medicine, loves challenges and is enthusiastically involved in Web Development and Digital Marketing Development.


Márk Szallós-Farkas

Márk is a graphic designer, art teacher and administrator. He studied both animation and education. He is passionate about health, design, and helping people.


Eszter Tóth

Eszter is always creating a pleasant atmosphere around her, that is one of the reasons why we love to work with her as a Team Supervisor, Digital Marketing Agent, LeadPage Designer, E-mail Campaign and List Builder and Web Editor.


Sámuel Nagy

Engineer in Applied Science - Programming and Design, strengthens our team in the field of Web Development and as a Google Ads Specialist.


Adél Amota

Talented and well-trained Photographer, who throughout the years has learned to understand, appreciate and love people.


Edwin Szegedi

The youngest member of our team who is diligently improving and using his talents and skills as a Cameraman, Editor and Filmmaker.

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