Barlahida Lifestyle Center in Hungary

We are delighted to see an increasing interest and commitment to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle throughout Europe. Health clubs, health camps and educational programs are running in more and more countries. Lifestyle Centers are very efficient tools to reach people and introduce them to the principles of preventive medicine.

A group of dedicated people have been working to make this happen in Hungary as well. We’ve been accompanying them on their journey. There were some challenges regarding the site and the building of their lifestyle center, but we are happy to say that a location has been found and already purchased. The building plans are also in progress for the new health center.

The steps ahead of us in the Barlahida Lifestyle Center are the following:

  • Building plans – by spring of 2020
  • Construction permit and landscaping – by the end of 2020
  • Construction works – starting in 2021
  • Opening – in 2023

We are looking forward to seeing the progress of the project and the lives changed by the dedicated work of the Hungarian group.