1. Unbrand. Keep mailing costs down by sending direct mail in unbranded envelopes. It mainly keeps the cost low, but it also keeps the focus what is within the envelope.
  2. Combine printing. Keep costs down by strategizing your printing; have many things printed at the same time. It seems like a small thing, but “job batching” can save your organization considerable money.
  3. See if your organization qualifies for a “Donate Now” button on your Facebook page. Providing an easy and secure way for supporters to give to your cause can encourage more giving because it is convenient and visible.
  4. Establish an annual marketing budget and stick to it. By following a good strategy and sticking to a good budget, you can achieve maximum results. Not only does this help you manage costs, but it also gives you an idea of where you can go and what new things you can do to make your nonprofit even better.
  5. Make use of cause marketing. Have you ever seen the donation buckets at your local grocery store? This is an example of cause marketing–a nonprofit teaming up with a for-profit business for mutual benefits. This can be useful if you are seeking to promote your nonprofit’s cause in the community, and it’s an easy way to garner extra funds.
  6. Create a budget specifically for promoting content on social media. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large organization, it can be helpful to designate a set amount to make your organization and cause known on social media. This not only reaches a wider audience, but it also helps to establish your presence on the Internet.
  7. Amazon Smile. Amazon has a program for nonprofits called Amazon Smile; your organization can collect 0.5% of your supporter’s eligible Amazon purchases. Let your donors, clients, staff, and other supporters know that they can link their Amazon account to donate to your organization every time they buy something from Amazon. It’s easy to set up, simply requiring the selection of your organization on the Amazon website, and is no extra cost to the buyer.
  8. Experiment with premiums. It’s worth it to test premiums! Giving donors a small gift can sometimes move them to give again or become more involved somehow. Premiums can be a worthwhile investment for nonprofits looking to increase their number of donors or gift amounts, as well as attract more supporters in the long run.